Hello guys! We from Macaconautas wanted to create a mix between Tower Defense games and the adventure/exploration genre!

How to Play and Controls: 

Use the LMB to select your towers and move them around the game world with RMB. 

Collect Scrap with your Towers and find destroyed ones to fix and add them to your army!

Defeat the infine waves of enemies by destroying their Portals to win the game! There are 4 portals in total

Known bugs:

You can't see how much scrap you currently have

Sometimes the other portals won't show up, making it impossible to win the game


Arnei Tcheou - 3D modeler

Guilherme Kfouri - 3D modeler

Gustavo Perez - Composer / Sound Designer

Henrique Pickart Raizza - Lead Game Design / Programmer

Igor Garcia - Concept artist, character designer and Level Designer

Johnatan Santos Lowery - Producer / Game Designer

Leonardo Biz Villar - Programmer

This game was made in 48h for the Mix And Game Jam

Thank you for playing :)

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsLeobizaz, igorg1202, MasterGuma, henrikilis
TagsOpen World, Real time strategy, Tower Defense

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